Our Products

  • Ginger_Panoramic
  • Ses-Seed
  • Shea-Nuts
  • Cashew
  • Pepper

We are currently focused and specialized on the exports of the following agricultural commodities:

  • Sesame Seed: Nigeria produces the whitish and brown mixed types, and both are exported primarily for their oil. Other uses of Sesame include bakery and confectionery,
  • Ginger: Sun-dried split ginger,
  • Dried Hibiscus flower,
  • Dried Nigerian Chilli Pepper,
  • Raw Cashew Nut,
  • Shea-nut and Shea Butter.

At Majigi, we ensure that the clients’ quality specifications and international grading standards are adhered to. We have the capacity to meet our clients’ exact quality standards and repeat volume orders. Our pre-shipment quality assurance inspections are carried out by the internationally reputable agents like SGS. Our products are shipped in 50Kg bags, depending on the commodity, in 20 foot shipping containers and we export to our clients all over the world on the basis of a confirmed Letters of credit.IMG-20141130-WA0002

We are located in the heart of the Nigeria’s agricultural zone, and have direct access to the local cash markets. We often buy directly from small farmers, but also engage buying agents depending on commodity and market situation.

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