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Majigi Agro Limited is a total agricultural value chain solutions provider ranging from agricultural production, processing and domestic and export marketing. The company is a Nigerian Government licensed exporter of agricultural commodities, and is currently focused on the export of sesame seeds, dried Chilli Pepper, Dried Ginger, Cashew Nuts, and Hibiscus Flower. We also have our own commercial farming operations in Niger State of Nigeria, where we cultivate Maize, Soya beans and Cassava,

We are located in the heart of the Nigeria’s agricultural zone, and have direct access to cash commodity markets, where we have on-location warehouses, and buying centres. We operate through a network of buying agents and commodity brokers, but also sometimes procure directly from the farmers. We ensure that as a matter of corporate policy the bulk of our produce are sourced from small farmers. Majigi Exporters Certificate

The Company is led by experienced professionals with significant experience in Nigeria’s agricultural finance and agribusiness space. The Company’s key operating executives have excellent track record of exporting agricultural commodities to the United States, Europe and Asia.

Our key mission is to link Nigerian small farmers to the markets in order to reduce poverty, create wealth and thereby improve livelihoods and economic inclusion for the most vulnerable members of our society.